California woman: Accused of police for abortion, Claims that police attacked her stomach

California woman: Accused of police for abortion, Claims that police


On Monday, a woman from California did a complaint. The complaint was in opposition to the San Leandro Police Department. She says that because of too much pressure, she loses her baby which was not born yet. That means she had a miscarriage. On June 7, 2019, this incident happened. Last year San Leandro Police stopped Emily Black and her fiance for bad registration checks. The case was filed in the U.S. District Court Northern District At California. According to the report, it is mention that few officers ask Emily Black along with her fiance to get out of the vehicle. The officers who ask this was not named in the reports.


As mention in the court records, Emily Black told police that she was pregnant. But the cops apparently pulled her out of the car and stomped on her stomach. pile up on her, stamped on her stomach. Because of this, it gives on to a shoe mark. After a couple of days, Emily Black had a miscarriage.


Black hired a lawyer named Patrick Buelna. She said, “If officers were sorted out about her exiting the car, they should have simply and affably, helped Ms. Black getting out of the car. Instead, they hold her as if she had already done a violent crime, grab her from the car, pile up on her, and stomped on her stomach”.

At the time of the incident, Emily Black was wearing hospital clothes. She was in the hospital before this incident took place. In the hospital, the doctor warned her that Black is having a critical pregnancy. Also, her pregnancy was very risky. The officials reportedly denied her request and even didn’t allowed to let her to put on her shoes after the claimed attacked.


Also on Emily Black, there are no criminal charges registered. However, this was the statement of her Lawyer.


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