California Boy 4 Died After swallowing

The mother of California boy states that she and the stepfather were not aware. That his brother had left the methadone in their fridge. A Southern California stepfather has been jailed. After 4 years, the old boy drowned. Because of an apparent drug overdose in late June. As per the reports.

When Did 4-Year-Old California Boy Died?

Logan Pittman (kid) expired on June 23. Later he consumed a dominated substance at a home. In Apple Valley, California, where he lived in the care of his stepfather and mom. The mom started to ABC 7 News that has rejected that she and the stepdad owned any liability for the boy’s shocking overdose.

Instead, Alexis Pope alleged that the stepdad’s buddy took the substance into their house without their recognition. when he reached in to take a bath. Grandma Kimberly Kelley told ABC7 that all she knows that Logan got inside methadone. And he did not get quick medical attention.”

What Is Methadone?

Methadone is utilized to handle opioid use diseases. Such as a craving to prescript painkillers like Vicodin, heroin, or fentanyl. 

About The Family Of The boy :

Chad parts custody of Logan with the boy’s mom. She has not been seized along with the boy’s stepfather in the track of the child’s overdose.

The stepfather, Anthony Edward Williams. He is 31 years old. Further was jailed last week following doubt of child endangerment. That is likely to happen in grand bodily harm or death. In kinship with the little boy’s medicine overdose.

Kelley said that she can’t point any fingers. Although she hopes and prays. That the inquiry proves who was committed, and who all was neglectful. The boy’s mom didn’t dial 911 till the time after he began giving signs. That of what would determine to be a deadly overdose due to his stepdad’s alleged indifference. 

Through the point, he was brought to the hospital. He was giving no response. However, the hospital operated on him for at least an hour. They failed to preserve his life.

Grandmother of California Boy Gave Statement :

The grandmother told that her son is hitting himself up. Besides the feeling that he should have struggled harder. For the full charge of little Logan after he divided from the boy’s mom. Once they tried to go to court in 2017. Still, they weren’t even allotted an authority. They just communicated to a mediator. They kind of gave up on the policy.

Mother’s Statement:

In her report to ABC 7, the boy’s mom maintained herself. And the boy’s stepfather regarding her son’s lethal treatment. She said that her son has gone and it’s not their doing. Pope said as she showed that a relative of the stepfather carried the methadone into the house. Without their recognition. 

That brother said that he does not have a place to live. That’s why they did not ken. Whatever was taken in their home. They permit a family member to take a bath. And he dropped methadone in their kitchen. They had a completely safe home for their kids.


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