Bryshere Gray Arrested

Bryshere Gray is a 26-year-old American artist. He acted Hakeem on the Fox drama Empire. He got arrested when his wife claimed him. She Stated that the actor assaulted and choked her. Until she blacked out.

About The Actor Bryshere Gray:

The actor was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. His family shifted to West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because of his parents’ divorce. Gray used to play football at Overbrook High School. But he shifted to music after he got injured. When he was 16 years old. He started using his skill as a street player. So that he can earn money. And help divorced mom to afford their living expenditures. His struggles ultimately headed to a business partnership with director Charlie Mack.

He acted as the main cast in Empire. The series went on for six seasons successfully.

Apart from Empire, he has worked in other projects too. Like the celebrity name game, The New Edition Story, Lip Sync Battle, Canal Street, Honey: Rise Up and Dance. The actor has other names like Yazz and Yazz the Greatest.

Bryshere Gray nominated for various awards:

  • BET Award in 2018 for Empire.
  • NAACP Image Awards in 2016 for the outstanding new artist.
  • Teen Choice awards in 2015 for Breakout Star, Chemistry, and music. 

Police said in a statement :

The time Goodyear Police answered a 911 call claiming, a lady victim was attacked. At her Goodyear house by her partner. She identified the man as Bryshere Gray. An actor on the television series “Empire”

Police added that the woman had many noticeable scratches on her body. She answered Gray choked her at one point until she lost her consciousness.

Bryshere Gray denied to come out from his home when cops entered. Although, he got arrested when SWAT and crisis moderators interrupted.

The actor brought to confinement after 7 a.m. local time Monday morning. After that, the Goodyear Police Department posted his mug file photo on their social media handles.

The actor locked into Maricopa County Jail. On a domestic abuse charge of intensified crime. As well as two extra charges for mugging and disruptive behavior.

Bryshere Gray isn’t the first Empire actor who got into legal trouble!

The 26-year-old actor as well as a rapper’s co-actors have also got into legal troubles in recent years. His onscreen father, Terrence Howard, addressed out on Twitter in 2017. About various charges of violence from his girlfriends and ex-wives. Refusing never doing abuse to anybody in his whole life. And said arguing is much different than abuse.

During February, Actor’s on-screen sibling, Jussie Smollett. Alleged not guilty. For six counts of disruptive behavior for supposedly misleading the police. About holding the victim of an unlawful act.

Chicago cops allege that Smollett- who is unabashedly gay. He founded two buddies. To do an anti-gay and discriminatory attack against him. On January 29, 2019

Smollett’s prosecutors are investigating.  To get the claims removed. On dual danger grounds. As previous disruptive administration charges upon him were quickly dismissed last March.

Creator Lee Daniels responded Smollett’s judicial problems affected the Empire cast.


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