Bob Weighton: World’s Oldest Man Died Tops 112

Bob Weighton: World's Oldest Man Died Tops 112

Bob Weighton was from Alton, Hampshire. He became the oldest man in the world in February. Earlier, the Oldest man was Chitetsu Watanabe. He was from Japan. He died at the age of 112. And after that Bob Weighton was given the name of the oldest man.

Bob Weighton died on Thursday morning. His family gave the statement that he was an “extraordinary man”. He passed away peacefully in the sleep. He was having cancer. Mr. Weighton took his last breath in the flat where he was living. Mr. Weighton was born in Hull, East Yorkshire. He was born on 29th March 1908.

His family said, “Bob was an extraordinary man, and to the family not really because of the amazing age he reached. An idol to us all, he lived his life focused in and busy with different kinds of people from all around the world. He believed everyone was his brother or sister and loved every being and accept everyone and he cares for them so much. Bob was having so many friends. He read, talked politics, theology, ecology, and many more things he did actively until his last breath. He loved nature a lot and cared environment as his own child”.

“Mr. Weighton made many puzzles, windmills and the second room in his flat were completely filled with furniture and his workshop was there in the room. He sold it in the name of charity from bits of wood pulled from skips. We will greatly miss our witty, kind, intelligent, conversationalist father, grandfather, and great grandfather”. The last birthday of Bob Weighton was celebrated inside the house only because of the Corona Virus Rife. He explained how the “world is in a bit of a mess” with the crisis. He was Engineer by profession. Mr. Weighton worked in Taiwan, Japan, and Canada also. He believes that laughter is very important though. Because almost all the troubles all around the world happen because people nowadays take things very seriously. His secret to living a long life of 112 successfully is to avoid dying.

On his birthday, he got a card from the queen. He didn’t accept the card because he doesn’t want cards from the money of innocent taxpayers. Already he got 10 cards from the queen. The birthday of Britain’s oldest woman Joan Hocquard and Mr. Weighton was the same . Both were born on the same day. Also, Alf Smith who was Britain’s oldest man. He died last year.


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