Asteroid Sized 223-Foot Is Hurdling Towards Earth

Asteroid Sized 223-Foot

Asteroid Size Of Mt. Everest

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is currently working Asteroid track of the Near-Earth Objects(NEO) or place rocks. This is made to assure that whether or not there is either threat. from the asteroids which range of a tiny 1. To that of the area of Mt. Everest. And also more important than that. One so it is early to fly. By is selected 2020 KP6. That would fly through the Earth on June 16, 2020.

Will The Asteroid Collapse With Our Planet?

Its size is related to that of the wingspan of a Boeing 747 jet. That does it really large. And if it goes the Blue Planet. It can finish one entire city. However, NASA has confirmed. That it would stay far off from our planet. And would not disagree with it. So there is no want to panic about it.

Coming At Us At A Speed Of 24000 MPH

The asteroid is below complete research. On with several different asteroids. 2020 KP6 is moving at a rate of 24000 miles per hour. And it is 223 meters high. NASA has proved that the next generation. That the asteroid would be discussed is in 2063. And that moment too. It would move even very away. From the Earth and would not occur in a crash.

NASA even read how those asteroids flypast by the Earth. Firstly they make an orbit beside the Sun. After which they insert into the way towards the Earth. And there is a must to keep a regular check. On all of these spaces, support to track their influence on our planet.

NASA’s CNEOS Has Been Tracking Similar Asteroids Since Many Years


NASA’s Centre For Near-Earth Object (CNEOS) has so very published. Data regarding thousands of asteroids. That rates are very friendly to our planet. Although the experts at the time firm claim. That there is only one in 3lakhs. Possibility of an asteroid hitting with the Earth. Even if a particular asteroid hits with our planet. It would end in mass murder.

Thousands and thousands of times back, related asteroids were the cause. That happened in the destruction of dinosaurs and flora and fauna. That controlled through that era.

NASA’s automatic asteroid tracking method has discovered. A large asteroid that’s supposed to address Earth. On Tuesday (June 16). Based on the data collected by the company. The incoming asteroid is about as long as the wingspan of a Boeing 747 plane.

The coming asteroid has been recognized by NASA’s Center. For Near-Earth Objective Studies (CNEOS). As 2020 KP6. As seen by CNEOS. This asteroid has an expected diameter of 223 feet. It is currently circling over space near Earth at a rate of over 24,000 miles per hour.

2020 KP6 was initially seen on May 17. Following examining its trajectory, NASA discovered. That the asteroid reflects an elongated path around the Sun. According to a design conceived by NASA giving the asteroid’s trajectory. 2020 KP6’s cycle continues beyond that of Mars.


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