Aquaman 2: Petition To Replace Amber Heard Reaches 400k Signatures


Amber Heard was discovered as a house abuser using Johnny Depp. In his 50 million asserts, Johnny Depp depicts several episodes of dwelling maltreatment he suffered in the arms of his own (at the point) spouse.

Amber Heard, consisting of one incident where she struck him twice within the face and the other where she broke his hands using a vodka container, along with his finger, ought to have been closely reattached. He’ll persevere throughout the scar from this to get a great unwinding.

What Makes Is Actual?

Since Heard’s separation from Johnny Depp, she’s effectively waged holy war to destroy Depp from Hollywood, rehashing over one duty of episodes wherein she’d fully maltreated Johnny Depp, nevertheless lied and forced false debts being the catalyst.

Concerning the incident where she broke the bones in Johnny Depp’s finger and cut it off, dispensing Depp to need surgery to reattach and mend it, Heard provided a false story claiming that he cut his finger off himself, dunked it into the paint and scribbled obscenities all over the dividers.

Similarly, Heard joins created episodes of Johnny Depp hitting her within the face while she’d struck him. Although collecting of laborers and acquaintances from the arrangement wherein she dwelt stated viewing no imprints.

Other Upgrades

All over within the hours and hours after she states, Johnny Depp struck her. But she seemed in court six following six times with wounds around, citing a transitory restricting petition, which obtained conceded. Pictures of Heard in the morning give her whole face, without makeup, and not one wound.

Since Amber Heard is a respected and established dwelling abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment must and want to eradicate Heard in their Aquaman 2 movie job. Men are victims of dwelling maltreatment, similar to women. This has to be perceived, and procedures should be forced to maintain a respected abuser from being commended within the pleasure enterprise.


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