12 Seasons of Anthony Bourdain parts coming to Netflix.


Note: this article only applies to Netflix in the US which is the only country streaming the title

On May 10, 2020, at 2.24 p.m., the official Netflix account of the UK and Ireland of tweeter tweeted, “ALL 12 SEASONS OF ANTHONY BOURDAIN: PARTS UNKNOWN ARE COMING BACK ON NETFLIX ON JUNE 1.”

Late Anthony Bourdain who is well known for his dedication to discovering some of the world’s best and most unexpected food hotspots. In search of interesting flavors and more interesting characters, he has traveled from Myanmar to Morocco to Beirut to Bhutan.

The series of late Anthony Bourdain wandering around the world for interesting food ran for 12 seasons in total crossing and relaxing 104 episodes. The position of parts unknown has been little unsteady since the past few years, and each year series showed up for renewal.

Parts unknown originally aired on CNN between 2013 and 2018, but the show came to an end when Bourdain took his life while with his friend Eric Ripert in Strasbourg, France.

CNN released his 12th and final part of the program in the2018 during the fall season. And titled the part as ‘Lower East Side,’ which showed Bourdain return New York his home town.

Now the viewers see his entire travelogue, with all 12 seasons from June 1 on Netflix. These seasons will provide a guide to some of the world’s most exciting places, and also information about the late chef’s personal lives.

Anthony Bourdain: All Seasons of Part Unknown will be available on Netflix from June 1.


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