Andy Serkie Will Read The Hobbit Live. Here’s Where You Can Listen Him


The renowned actor, as well as a manager, Andy Serkis, who’s famed for his films such as The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, is set to perform the sponsor for the day for all of the audiences. Yes, that is true!

The 56-year-old celebrity had shot to his social websites manage to notify his supporters he is going to run a live session by narrating the whole The Hobbit book written by J.R.R Tolkien.

We are aware that the whole world is under a lockdown amidst the continuing Coronavirus or even COVID-19 pandemic.

The whole world is beneath the snare of this deadly virus also had influenced human lives hugely. The physicians, police forces, sanitization employees, along with other public servants, are operating night and day risking their own lives to save ours.

As a valuable gesture to offer some financial relief through a worldwide outbreak, the actor decided to run a 12 hour live digital reading session and asked fans to join him.

The digital session starts on May 8 without any fractures and could be on the celebrity’s Youtube station in addition to about the Go Fund Me webpage at which the taxpayers can make charity. Andy isn’t alone that has produced the openness and thought to read a publication and increase funds for a variety of organizations.

Our very own Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe, had come up to see the Harry Potter books alongside other celebrities also. It’s a fantastic initiative taken by the stars to contribute their role in helping individuals that are saving us.


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