The American-US Space Force now has a flag. here it is

The American-US Space Force now has a flag

Defense Department leaders granted President Donald Trump. With the Space Force flag as a short Oval Office ceremony on Friday. The dark blue and white flag adds elements dedicated to extracting the vast corners of outer space.

The Space Force, which was formally established in December. It is the first new armed service since the U.S. Air Force was founded in 1947. The 16,000 airmen and commoners that move up the Space Force technically remain part of the Air Force.

Which earlier oversaw aggressive actions in space. But Trump has addressed clear he understands the most current service. As critical to the fate of American defense.

The Space Force scored a different milestone Friday on its way to standing up. The U.S. military’s sixth section of service, revealing a military flag at the White House.

Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond and senior enlisted adviser Chief Master Sgt. Robert Towberman was on hand to grant the flag to President Trump.

“We’re now the leader in space,” Trump replied.

What Donald Trump said?

Tweet of Donald Trump

About the appearance of the flag

The flag follows the seal published in January. With an arrowhead placed in front of a ball, accented by stars.

Although, The new army is working to shift 16,000 airmen earlier attached to Space. Space Command to be the first workers and maintenance workers assigned to Space Force. In addition, With a goal of completion by the end of the year.

President Donald Trump will be performed with the Space Force flag through the White House on Friday. His most advanced effort to herald the ship of the new part of the U.S. military.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and General John Raymond. The force’s chief of space operations will carry the flag to Trump. As per two people close with the plans. They talked about the situation of anonymity.

In December, Trump approved into law a bill that formed the Space Force. Assuming the U.S. wanted to increase its military occupation in space. The Air Force earlier oversaw aggressive and defensive actions in space.

Trump’s passion for Space Force has brought sporadic review. And gave fodder for comedians. A sarcastic Netflix series, “Space Force,” debuts later this month. And actors Steve Carell, as an Air Force general, and John Malkovich.

The Pentagon’s funds allotted funding for the force. Including “space-related protection systems and services.” However, The Space Force’s acquirement’s predicted budget $4.7 billion over the fiscal year 2025.

The flag also highlights a globe. For the Space Force fighters’ home peat. And to mean the force’s mission they included an oval orbit around the earth. To support and protect from opponents and warnings exuding in space.

designers and craftspeople created this flag at the Defense Logistics Agency flag room. Although, In Philadelphia from a design achieved and documented by the Department’s Institute of Heraldry at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.


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