Amber Heard Shared Why She Is Afraid Of Actor Johnny Depp

Amber Heard informed the British High Court that her then-husband Johnny Depp made her frightened for her lifetime. As she brought to the bystander stage. While Depp’s dangerous slander conflict with Supreme Sun.

Amber Heard’s Allegation:

Johnny Depp is alleging the British tabloid after it marked him a “wife-beater”. Over his alleged practice of Amber Heard while their marriage between 2011 and 2016. Depp firmly denies the charges.

Amber Heard conveyed to the bystander stand. On Monday to present proof on the 14 allegations of domestic abuse. She wrecked at Depp. That is relied on against.

In a typed eyewitness statement given to the court. Heard blamed Depp for subjecting her to linguistic and physical abuse. Including yelling, cursing, warnings, punching, hitting, thrusting, head-butting, and drowning too. As well as very ruling and intimidating behavior.

Per the media Association, she said that some conflict response occurred that she was terrified. He was proceeding to chock me. Either deliberately or just by losing control and going much far. He explicitly scared to kill me at many points. Particularly after our relationship.

Amber Heard’s Statement In Court:

In the bystander stand on Monday forenoon, Heard recounted one occurrence from Japan in 2015. In which she claimed that Depp assaulted her in a hotel room. There was a discussion in a hotel room in Tokyo. That ended in Johnny curtseying on my back. And beating me on the back of the head.

In her statement, Heard claimed that Depp would associate his behavior with another personality. He would indict all his moves on a self-created third individual. Instead of himself, which he usually called The Monster. He would address it as if it was a different self or character. And not himself proceeding all these matters.

Heard adds into that by saying when Johnny sets his total attention on you, with all his energy and gloom. It is something very unusual I’ve always felt. 

When I say he was cryptic, he had a violent and dark way of talking. The way he spoke about our connection signifying dead or live. And showing me that hell was the only way out of the marriage.

The Aquaman heroine, she tied note with Depp in 2015. Before both separated a year after. Blamed Depp of remaining in a state of Weaponized Victimhood. And working off none responsibility to someone. Heard thought that she could fix Depp.

Why Amber Heard Married To Depp? :

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

She states that she believed he will get better. After abusive scenes, his crew tries to convince me. So that she doesn’t leave him or go back. Frequently apologizing to me and would improve his behavior for me. She thought that she waited. Not only due to her hope of him improving and circumstances changing. But more because of the duty she felt. Frequently mentioned she was the one to motivate him and encourage him to improve.

This was a firm distinction to the initial redness of their marriage. When Heard said that the actor has fascinated her. When both were together it was invariably only the two of them. They would be on his union, behind doors. It was like she was in relation to a prince.


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