Ex-Husband Johnny Depp

Amber Heard punched her ex-spouse Johnny Depp. She is telling it was to protect her sister. From implying drove down the stairs. Heard gave proof for the next day in London Superior Court. Evoking an occurrence in a Los Angeles penthouse in March 2015. When she hit Depp. Because she stated. She wanted to defend her younger sibling Whitney. 

Amber Heard has confirmed hitting her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Although stating that it was to stop him. From forcing her sister under steps of stairs. And declaring he had before performed this. To his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss.

Providing data for a second day. At the high court in London. Heard remembered an event in March 2015. In the couple’s Los Angeles penthouse. When she punched Depp because she spoke. She ached to protect her younger sister. Depp, 57, beginning the Sun’s publisher. News Group Newspapers (NGN) and it is managing editor. Dan Wootton, above a clause that declared him a “wife-beater”. And led to “powerful evidence” that he had hit Heard.

Depp rejected the accusations!

Johnny Depp was accused by Dan Watton for an editorial. He described a “handcuff puncher” and praised “overwhelming proof.” They have beaten the Heard. Depp denies to the 14 accusations when their relationship. When he declares to have hit her.

The rule supposedly asked Depp’s by keeping his hair in one hand. And paring his hair while a clash with the other side. The lawyer said Depp’s hand was in a cast at that time.

Depp’s ex-wife Heard had no bodily scars!

Amber Heard prime asked that she tell bruises on her face on May 21, 2016. When Depp supposedly attacked her at the Los Angeles Penthouse. And eventually revealed their marriage. Law said Heard that. The signs on the cut on his arm were not from the conflict. But those were “self-inflicted”.

She stated that she covered her injuries. While the first section of their marriage. People say that I had a cut and a mark.” The report said. When questioned about the rules. The workers who lived in his house. And Depp’s friends presented proof. That they couldn’t notice any damages.

Heard’s description!

The day following the event, watchers noted a video. With star James Franco. “He stared at my face and replied,” Oh my gosh, you noticed what occurred to you.“ Stated Heard. “I gained an excuse. People urged me, ‘Is he hitting you? I wasn’t giving it to somebody. Because I was working to defend him and our relationship. And to embarrass me. To keep me from that. I understood the character you knew. This will allow you to display an expert in treating wounds and injuries. Following in the connection, it grew impossible to protect it”. Questioned whether she had a matter with the businessman Elon Musk. While she was united to Depp. Heard refused she had been linked with him. Until later she and Depp had split up in 2016.

Heard has advised the confusion may have arisen. From their pet Yorkshire terrier Boo. The court initially detected that Boo was not fully house-trained. And on one time picked a bag of Depp’s cannabis. That was split resting around.

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