A Woman With Bicycle Stops Looters From Raiding A California Jewelry Store

A Woman With Bicycle Stops Looters From Raiding A California Jewelry Store

As per the reports coming, outside a Jewelry store in Californi, a woman was standing with her bike there. The brave lady alone stopped the looters from raiding the jewelry store. The woman’s identity is Olivia. She was standing outside the Bubar’s Jewelers when the looters came to raid the shop. The shop in Jewelry is located in Santa Monica. She was standing for two hours on Sunday. The brave lady was giving her help to keep away the lawbreakers from the jewelry shop. The shop’s windows were already broken. ABC 7 reported.

A woman was telling this as she saw Olivia standing outside the Jewelry shop, “The officers haven’t been able to stop them. But she alone paused the looters from going inside this jewelry store. Brave Woman. Thank you so much for your act of Heroism”.

The owner of the Bubar’s Jewelry store is Bill Bubar. The jewelry business is a 75-year-old business. told the station that an arranged throng tried to break and enter. “Basically it was a throng out of control. They were splitting in the center of the street. They jumped out of cars”.

Further, he also added, “They were baffled when they couldn’t make their way into the shop. From that point onwards no different looters absorbed in the business”.

“After they left, a young lady came who I didn’t have the hazy idea, paused with her bike before the entry gate, and stood there for two hours. While all this was going on, she stood by us. And honestly, I think they disregarded it since she was remaining before the entry gate. She was the Legend”.


Numerous businesses in Santa Monica were harmed and raided by the looters throughout by the weekend after, for the most, peaceful fights over the police -guardianship demise of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It served outlook to chaos and also loot as per the coming reports.


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