Wicked Couple Allegedly Left The 6 Year Old Girl


An uncaring mother from Island and her partner apparently give in her afraid little girl on a Queens Road. The little girl was just 6 years old and was surrendered at a road which was full of traffic. Also, they threw waste bags along with the 6-year-old girl’s clothes inside. They threw that outside the window and drive away. This was according to the examiners. However, they said this statement on Wednesday.

The names of the two who left the little girl and drove off are Patrice Chambers and Mark Pamphile. The Patrice Chambers is 29 years old and Mark Pamphile is 28 years old. Both persons are blamed for surrendering the 6-year little girl. Also the youngster from her mother’s Nissan Altima at the crossing point of 140th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard in Laureltown at 11;25 a.m. on Monday.

After sometimes, Pamphile called the 6-year-old girl’s dad. Her dad lives nearby in the area. However, she reportedly let him know however by a voice message. “You better come get your girl… she is crying like a little b–h,” a criminal injustice labels.


Pamphile reportedly also left one more message after getting back. In that message, she stated that she is leaving 6 years a little. She was telling that she will leave her if her dad didn’t send her $200.  This was written on the court papers,

Chambers was driving the car. She requests the 6-year-old girl to leave the car to the traveler side entryway. They also threw a few waste bags along with the little girl’s garments and then drove off. As they drive away surrendering the little kid into the traffic jam place, it was caught no the video. The observation video was going on the road and it was capture there. In the video, the kid was found running into the road just to take that few things. When she was running into the road, she was capture in the observation video. She ran to get the things thrown by them out of the car. When the experts show this video to the Chambers, she expresses her disappointment with the girl. This was state by the grievance.


Although on Tuesday, the couple Chambers and also Pamphile was calling for in the Queens Criminal Court. The labels on them are of relinquishment, wild danger, and also imperiling the government assistance of a youngster. However, Judge Jeffrey Gershuny release the couple without bail. Also, he requested them to bring Aug back 21. Whenever charge with, the testees are charge with 1/3 to 4 years in jail.


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