A Nightmare On Elm Street Stars Reunite Against Coronavirus


Elm Street Stars Reunite On COVID19

Lots of actors have printed isolated PSAs regarding the coronavirus or even reprised recognizable genre casts to warn of the pandemic’s risks. Still, few possess the offensive production worth of a tune by the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise’s roles.

The massive group of celebrities got awakened to chant a variant story of the famous slasher’s nursery rhyme and jingle about maintaining a safe space and remaining secure home. And if anybody recalls about demanding to stay safe at home, it is those running out of the artist Freddy Krueger.

About The Artist

Though the artist Robert Englund Freddy himself does not create an appearance in the movie he did his very own PSA before this month, the massive cast includes and include Heather Langenkamp, Lisa Wilcox, Mark Patton, Andras Jones, Ken Sagoes, Brooke Theiss, Toy Newkirk, Ira Heiden, Brooke Bundy, and a couple of bothering kids with sidewalk chalk.

These are concealed and six feet apart from one another, at least, however, it doesn’t create their cryptic messages into the lyrics of this jingle any less powerful. With lots of exceptional celebrity Elm Street vibes thrown for of color, the PSA is enjoyable for horror fans, audiences and great for messaging. Without Englund, who recently told SYFY WIRE he would love and want to visit a prequel to the show, the movie works wonders stars, so make sure you wash these firearms, boys, along with ghouls.



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