A Doom TV Series Is Reportedly On The Cards At Universal


Doom is a favorite video game series along with also a media franchise. The sequel of this popular video game, Doom Eternal published lately. Although the sequel didn’t get much positive reply, it’s still popular among the lovers of Doom.

From Video Game Into A Picture

Recently, movies based on video games are quite profitable. It’s been noted that Universal Studios is contemplating rebooting the popular video game franchise. Universal is arranging a film along with a tv series based on the movie game.

Past Doom Films

Doom was adapted into films sooner. In 2005 a film depending on the game introduced. This overly doomed in the box office. The manufacturers of the movie games disassociated themselves from the film. Now, Universal will reboot the formerly unsuccessful franchise.


MS-DOS, which today is an obsolete operating system, was fresh to the entire world. The storyline of this game is quite straightforward and basic. John Carmack, the inventor of the video game, had formerly stated that the narrative in the sport is quite necessary. The story is forecast to be there, but it is not that significant.

The film is expected to be predicated on the planet Mars. Demons overrun it from hell that desperately requires a chainsaw for their faces. The film should also place Doomslayer in front and center.

It will be interesting to see Doom set up in today’s world.


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