90-Year-Old hamako Won Guinness World Record

90-Year-Old hamako Won Guinness World Record

Most of us have discovered the expression “knowledge has no age bar”. And this 90-year-old grandma from Japan is showing that it’s true. Hamako Mori, who states she started operating video plays at the term of 51. She has now got the Guinness World Records. It is a sign of holding the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber.

Guinness World Records published a video of Mori. She is nicknamed gamer grandma. And it’s extinction short of inspirational. In the video, she describes her look as a gamer. And also carries an important recitation about living.

Sets out, she originally didn’t like operating action games. Because they were hard. However, now she is recognized for the real streaming of her gaming courage. While performing the games of the identical style.

In fact, she instantly counts the “Grand Theft Auto” division among her idols.
Getting the opening days she stated. That when she began playing about 1981 she was very bad at it.

Although rather of giving up she chose to resume playing. Mori also described how after missing a game it seems really bad. But doesn’t let that prevent her from working again.

Mori Hamako- A Legend

Watch her video 

Most utmost of the Grandmas at the age of 90 are busy adding their last gasps. And appeal to survive anyhow. But Mori Hamako was designed to wonder. At this age as she is a known gamer and Youtuber.

Prestigious Honor

Hamako was newly honored with a Guinness World Record. As the World’s Oldest Gaming YouTuber.

She started her gaming journey 39 times ago. After becoming motivated by kids encompassing her sporting video games.

Hamako on her Playing Games:

It seemed so great. And I believed it’s not enough if only children did it. I imagined life would be more extra fun. If I understood how to play it. So I started playing, at first while no one stood to guard.

Her Ideal Game

Hamako’s chosen one is Grand Theft Auto 5. She likes it playing. Because, to her, the graphics are uncommon and that it seems like a movie.

She told It’s like if I’m the just one feeling it. It’s like viewing a film. I love it the most desirable. because it has time restrictions, so kids can’t play it!

Dissatisfied With Failures

Hamako also stated Although it’s fun playing when you lose. It’s hard. But I usually fail. To complete a game evenly to the end. It seems good. But while I fail, I feel sad.

Hamako Set Of Consoles

Hamako’s gaming console was a Cassette Vision. It was started in July 1981, which used cartridges to operate games. She also learned all the games she experienced across the years.

She performs and shows her plays on PlayStation 4.

Hamako Reply

Hamako practiced on her YouTube channel. To report her society experience, and to thank all her supporters for taking her to where she is present.

She ended her conversation with Guinness World Records. By speaking, After being for this great, I feel stronger than always. That playing games for this long-drawn was the right option. I am truly savoring my life.


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