An 8 year old girl of North Carolina passed away due to the Deadliest Corona Virus

An 8 year old girl of North Carolina passed away due to the Deadliest Corona Virus


As per the report, a little girl, 8 years old, passed away in the deadliest Corona Virus. She was ill having the symptoms of the Corona Virus. She was going through a capture which makes the young girl unconscious.

The young girl whose life just started and ended due to Corona Virus was Aurea Solo Morales. She was studying in an elementary school. She was just 8 years old! The little girl took her last breathe on Monday. Her body state was so crucial. She was immediately moved to the UNC Hospital because she was critical as she was having the Corona Virus. People also know her by the name “Yoshi”. She was feeling weak from the past six to seven days. Both people were also tested positive for the Corona Virus. And after that the little girl Yoshi was also not feeling well and was experiencing weakness in her body.


Her sister Jennifer Morales said the way out, “My sister and I started to get the Corona Virus indications”. They both were experiencing the symptoms of the deadliest Corona Virus.

As stated in the report, Morales also told that her sister was captured by the deadliest Corona Virus. And the 8-year-old was immediately taken to the Emergency clinic for the treatment on Friday. Morales also said, “On Saturday her Cerebrum began to enlarge and she went into a state of utmost inactivity”.

The 8-year-old Aurea Solo Morales, at last, kicked the bucket from the Corona Virus infection on Monday. After this big shocking incident, Yoshi’s family is uplifting guardians to pay heed to this deadliest disease. Morales said, “Everybody partners it with elderly people singles, as they might suspect they’re the main ones who will get it, yet that is not true, my sister got it”.


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