6 people injured in shooting at Daytona Beach and thousands more reached shore

6 people injured in shooting at Daytona Beach and thousands more reached shore

Florida beach was overcrowded at the weekend. All the visitors took the benefit of the weekend and they rush to the beach. Also on that weekend, there was no social distancing seen in any person’s behavior there. The crowd was not at all following any guidelines given by the state to be safe from the Corona Virus Rife. An event was going to take place in Daytona Beach. However, the police manage to cancel the show. Still, the crowd was making chaos there on the beach. Not only on the beach, but the public has chocked the streets also! They all gathered taking benefit of the weekend.


During all this happening, a man who was holding a gun in his hand did open fire. He openly fires near the Daytona’s boardwalk. This fire resulted in injuring 6 lives. During the Sunday afternoon conference, Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri told in his statement. The accused was still at large and the victims weren’t cooperating.

Further Capri said, “We thought we had an accused in custody who was running from the scene, but it was not the accused”. And the cops are still searching the accused who did the open firing.

As per the statement given by Capri, two people were injured and they were immediately transferred to the hospital. However, the accused somehow hit more than four people by shrapnel. And because of that, four people are having minor injuries. The victims are still not cooperating with the cops. Even one of them is not even willing to talk to the cops and to help them in further investigation. The Volusia County Sheriff also gave a statement. His name is Mike Chitwood. He said the day the opened fire took place, that incident was the only serious crime of the whole day. It was the time when Daytona along with the area’s other beaches were overcrowded. People visited from all over Florida.  He added “Disney’s closed, Universal’s closed, everything’s closed, so where did people come? And that too on the first warm day with 50 percent opening everybody headed towards beaches”.


Chitwood said regarding a man who was standing on the roof of a car and tossing the money by doing Rap. He was choking more traffic. However one of those videos is viral of that man and the cops are trying to identify him with the help of video.  Chitwood said, “We are going to identify him, and we are going to charge him. He was the keystone of all that took place”.

Around approximately 10,000 people were gathered on the coast of Daytona. Police try to scatter the crowd when they got unhandy. Also, they didn’t arrest anyone. Just try to disperse the crowd.

Capri gave the statement at the news conference. “I know people were sad about the number of crowds there. I am a bit annoyed too, about a lot of this. Even we don’t take this whole incident lightly or casually. We are all facing a dangerous rife of the Corona Virus in which you have to stay home if you want to stay safe. But still, people are coming out of there houses without any reason and roam everywhere. They are even not maintaining any social distance But however I’m not the social distancing policy and its not my job”.


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