538 Chicago Police Officers Tested Positive for Coronavirus

538 Chicago Police Officers Tested Positive for Coronavirus

According to the sources, there have been 43,333 cases of COVID-19 there in the residents of Chicago so far.

And 113,195 Illinois on May 26, 2020. The Stay at Home order for Illinois has been extended until the end of May.

Coronavirus Infects in the Chicago Police Department:

The Coronavirus havoc is getting major day by day.

If we talk about the police officers infects in the city. The ratio of police infects is growing day by day. And this is one of the most destructive things.

According to the count on May 24, 2020, there are a total of 538 members of the Chicago Police Department have now tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

This is a huge figure to see. If we bifurcate these 538 officers according to their department the figures are, 510 infects are the sworn officers while the rest 28 are the civilian employees.

All the 538 infected officers diagnoses have been confirming by the Police Medical Section.

The number of Police Officers recovered and died due to the infection:

If we check about the recovery rate of the officers, a total of 347 officers out of 538 have been recover from the diseases.

While three officers have died due to COVID-19.

  1. Officer Ronald Newman
  2. Stg. Clifford Martin
  3. Officer Marco Di Franco

While others are under observation for recovery.

Measures asked to take by Police Officers to remain safe:

Supt. David Brown always keep reminding all the Police Department members that they must wear department-issued surgical masks and gloves.

According to the sources in an internal email Supt. David Brown stated, “It is recommended that surgical masks and gloves are to be worn even when inside of a police facility or department vehicle when 6 feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.”

He also keeps prompting the officers to stay safe to take care of themselves and one another also. And also highlights that every officer must take care of peer support systems such as Assistance Program, licensed therapists, and the Chaplains Ministry are available.

To know more stay updated and keep reading. As soon as we’ll get any information will update you. Till then stay healthy and maintain social distancing.


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