5 Tips for securing your email from cyber criminals

5 Tips for securing your email from cyber criminals

According to the last year 2019s survey it has been found, that nearly 293 emails are being transferred per day. That means these many numbers of emails are received and send.

While we keep an eye over the cyber attacks by cybercriminals it is getting divergent day by day. Though many people think it will not attack them. But we can not say what will happen with whom and when.

As per the survey, the cybercriminals mostly target the small and medium corporates compared to that of the personal email accounts. The reason is it given them more profit, such as the data stored by the businesses, their bank details.

There are many ways through which cybercriminals attack the account but the following given below are the most common ways of cyberattacks.


  1. Phishing

2. DDoS

3. Malicious Codes

4. Insider Threats

5. Human Error

So now let’s see what are the tips for protecting out Email Accounts.


  1. Always use an Encryption System Service :

  • One should learn to always use encryption services in toady’s cybercrime world.
  • There are multiple types of encryption for email security.
  • But the one which is most safe is data-centric encryption.
  • By this encryption the user no longer depends on the bunch of random servers to protect them.
  • Even if a hacker intercepts it he won’t be able to read it. 

2. Keep Separate Email Accounts :

  • A person should maintain multiple email account for different purposes.
  • So if one account gets hacked all the details are not in danger from that hacking.
  • So it is been count as a piece of wise advice to use separate accounts.
  • This may look slightly complicated but in the end security is our priority.

3. Avoid Clicking Unknown Links :

  • The most common way of hacking any account is by sending a corrupted link to the account holder’s account.
  • Hackers use of malicious links to compromise the recipient’s computer system and will disguise them as something else.
  • That’s why it is always said that never open any link or attachment from an email id or sender you do not recognize, or always seek permission before downloading or opening them.

4. Always Use Strong Passwords :

  • The primary way of hackers hacking is by guessing the usernames and passwords.
  • So it is always asked the account creator to insert a complex password so that a hacker can not hack it easily.
  • A complex password consists of Alphanumeric as well as special symbols like $, @, #, and many more.
  • The most important thing is to always act smart.

5. Just be Smart Enough :

  • The final tip that we would like to give to any email account holder is to just be smart.
  • Never do anything which may help the hackers.
  • That’s why never give your password to anyone, make sure you are the only person who knows your password.
  • Always keep your password changing and also don’t forget to log out of your account when not in use.
  • Never open your accounts in anyone else device.
  • And if you feel someone has cracked your password change your password immediately.
  • Never open any link or attachments from an unknown source of the id of the people you don’t know.
  • Common sense is one of the best and the most traditional defense from cyber attacks.



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