5 Mins Scoob are available online for free! Here’s how to see it

5 Khan Scoob are available online for free! Here's how to see it

The charter of Scooby Do returns finally with the new cartoon, Scoob. Isn’t it sounds so cute,’ Scoob’? The director of this cute scoob is Tony Cervone. This cartoon, SCOOB was the cartoon for which we were so much excited for and all were eagerly waiting for this to be launch. And see, that’s finally here! You can watch the movie about that now. We know that the fans are expecting to release this in the theaters. And not only this movie but there are many other movies also which we were expecting to be released on big screens. But as time is not with us now. The time is not supporting us because of the worldwide spread of Corona Virus Rife.

We can’t go to cinemas as of now. So, the movies are released online only. And the fans have to enjoy it on there small screens only.


As we discussed above, that the movie is not possible to release in cinemas as of now. So the team has decided to give the first five minutes of the movie as a little sneak peeks of the movie. And you can watch that for free. YES, THE FIVE MINUTES ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE! It is available on PVOD. And we can bet that if you are a Scooby-Do fan, you will surely fall for that movie in just that five minutes.


So the movie starts on the beautiful beaches of California, where the people are roaming around and enjoying nature. And suddenly the Scooby-Do things happen. Scooby-Do is seen running and the Cop running after him to catch the Scooby Do. Because the Scooby Do has stolen meat from the food stall.

This sets the argument of the story. The story continues. While running, Scooby Do crashes with a man. After this SHAGGY comes in the spotlight. He was sitting alone in a sandcastle. Both Shaggy and Scooby-Do met becomes friends and then Shaggy shares the sandwich with Scooby Do. Scooby Do also gives a piece of the meat that he stole from the food stall to Shaggy.

This was just the starting of the friendship of Shaggy and Scooby Do. Then the cop comes near the Shaggy and tells him about the Scooby Do’s stealing of meat. He further told that they have to handover the street dogs to the concerned authorities. And also told that the authorities will take care of them.

After knowing this, Shaggy names the stray dog as Scooby Dooby Do. This was not decided before, it is just come out of nowhere. Even the Shaggy didn’t know that he will come up with such a name.


  1. Keirsey Clemons as Dee Dee Sykes
  2. Mark Wahlberg as Brian or Blue Falcon
  3. Dog Wonder
  4. Tracy Morgan as Captain Caveman
  5. Jason Isaacs as Dick Dastardly
  6. Ken Jeong as Dynoumutt


  1. Will Forte as Shaggy Rogers
  2. Zac Efron as Fred Jones


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