43 Million+ Americans Could lose Health Insurance Due to Pandemic, The Next Crisis

43 Million american health insurance

Medicare for All advocates on Sunday pointed to the latest study on the appearing health insurance crisis. It is already becoming evident in the middle of the Coronavirus rife. This rife has led to job losses for more than 33 million people in the past two months. Dominic Rushe twitted on May 10 – After 20% jobless, the next crisis: ‘Anywhere from 25 to 43 million people could lose health insurance’. Not only Dominic but also Veronikka Ziol for Indiana 4 too twitted on this topic. “It’s to hold a dealing chip over the working class’s head.” And further, she added,” This is why we need Medicare for all.”

The rife ‘exposes a lot of the scarcity in our system,’ RWJF senior policy analyst Katherine Hempstead said. Adding that healthcare is ‘tied to employment for no real reason.’ Today, in the middle of the typical coronavirus outbreak, many thousands more are going to discover the harsh realities. Although the United States has failed to protect citizens from financial ruin in a medical emergency. Up to 7 million of those people are unlikely to find new insurance as weak economic conditions drag on, researchers at the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation think tanks predict.

Of those who lose employer-based insurance, an estimated 7 million Americans will remain uninsured, though lack access to healthcare during the worst rife in a century, RWJF predicted. Another 30 million people lacked insurance even before the prevalent, according to the Urban Institute. The current unemployment rate is 14.7%, according to the Department of Labor- the biggest in the country’s history. But some economists guess that between 19 and almost 24% of citizens in the US are jobless.

The RWJF and the Urban Institute raised alarms that many will avoid medical attention if they start showing symptoms of the Corona Virus rife, risking thus, to spread the illness in their groups. “The American healthcare financing system was not build to hold out against the combined impact of the rife and the slow down.” The president of Physicians for a National Health Program, Adam Gaffney, told. “It’s sure to happen that people will die because they can’t get the care they need because of the appearing slow down.”

United Health Group said it would provide $1.5 billion in premium rebates for fully insured members, and give up co-pays on doctor visits for medicare advantage members through September. Members will receive a 5% to 20% premium credit on their June billing statements. As of March 31, United’s fully secured admission was just over 8.2 million members. Health insurance has seen an overall drop in medical costs due to Coronavirus rife. It could result in the record for 2020 under the second care act.

As millions of people lose their jobs because of the Coronavirus rife, they’re also losing their health insurance. Here are six health insurance options, which depend on your income, your state, and if you had reportage recently.

6 Ways to get health insurance when you are jobless

  • Continue your employer’s reportage through ……
  • Sign up for coverage through your state’s insurance marketplace.
  • You might be able to get a single policy even if you didn’t have employer coverage.
  • Join your partner’s plan.
  • Sign up for Medicaid.
  • Sign up for Medicare if you’re 65 or older.


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