365 Days Movie: Singer Duffy Claims Netflix To Eliminate Film

365 Days Movie

The Welsh female musician, actress, and songwriter Aimee Anne Duffy. She lately has started up studying Netflix. And urged Netflix to raise the provocative movie 365 days. It is stated that this year. She had started up new about her personal struggles. Of becoming sedated and raped. She has signed an extensive report to the CEO of Netflix. Reed Hastings, in which she claimed the streaming help. To eliminate the provocative movie 365 days. She states that the film 365 days. It tries to glamorize the harsh reality. Abduction, abuse, and sex trafficking.

Why Singer Duffy Ask To Netflix To Remove 365 Days?
Why Singer Duffy Ask To Netflix To Remove 365 Days?

Following its dramatic statement back in February. The Polish film 365 Days was released. On Netflix, the previous month. And has grown a public viewing right. On the streaming help. Thanks to its volatile subject material. It’s brought a set of connections. To the Fifty Shades of Grey movie series. But this particular fall into erotica. It has also attracted debate. One of 365 Days’ chief critics is Welsh musician Duffy. She states that the film “glamorizes the harsh truth of sex trafficking. Also crime and rape.” 

Advanced this year, Duffy gave to the people. Her sense of being abducted, raped. And thought captive years ago. That is happening in her needing. To escape from the light so she could reach. 

About the Film 365 Days:

The film 365 days is a sensual drama. Casting Anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone. The movie reveals the tale of a Polish lady. She is growing and appears to get committed. By a Sicilian Mafia chief. He provides one year to the woman to make her fall. In affection with him. The movie was opened in Poland in February. And it was released on Netflix.

Why Duffy Requests Netflix To Eliminate 365 Days Movie?

The singer and actress Duffy’s message to Netflix. that states that being abused, abducted. Also medicated, and trafficked was her personal experience. That forced her to ask her voice upon the film. She recorded how she moved out. And read the irresponsibility of Netflix. In broadcasting the film 365 days. She states that she doesn’t want herself. To stay in that place to write it.

Still, it was the fact of her distress. That inspired her to do this. Because of her personal sense of experience. That is more of the very kind. That is described in the movie in the title of adult erotica. She proceeds by stating. That remaining drugged, abducted. Also abused, and trafficked should not be anyone’s view of performance. This should not sell in such a way or call she continued. She examines Netflix by telling how reckless, irresponsible. And callous it is to ignore this and deliver such a movie.

 In the letter, what she wrote?

In her letter, she ended up helping everyone. And Netflix also to see and grasp more about social trafficking. To that, all have seen the film. She further joined the page of individual trafficking. On the United Nations Office on Crime and Drugs site. She also highlighted institutions. Like Polaris Project, Coalition Upon trafficking in women. Stop the traffick. Hope for Justice, and more. Those are the groups that try to struggle upon human trafficking.


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