365 Days 2: What We Know So Far About The Sequel

365 Days 2

You all been informed of 50 shades of Grey and the flick was very hyped at the moment of its statement. The notorious book got changed into a film. And performed entirely on the box services. So as we learned about the change. Then everyone has the power to change. Until it becomes a pool. 365 Days is rated as the polish 50 shades of Grey. and it is free on Netflix to run.

365 Days 2

But that’s not the contract we are adjusting on. A series of the flick is involved. Fans holding their hearts on it. So will there be a series? According to any news, there will be a different part for sure. The great story is on the boards for those who like romanticism.

365 Days 2 Release Date

However, there is no reliable information on the announcement date. Of the 365 days 2. But in the coronavirus break, flick may see a stop. So if you are awaiting the flick. To come in 2021 then it will fit come out in 2022.

The tale of this underrated show turns around Massimo. A part of the Sicilian Mafia house. And Laura is a selling manager. Both of their stories were working perfectly nicely. When in a particular twist of circumstances, Massimo grabs Laura. And opens her 365 Days to befall in love with him.

Alongside Michele Marrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka. The film actors Bronisław Wrocławski being Mario. Magdalena Lamparska being Olga Natasza. And Natasza Urbanska being Anna.

The show released at Netflix on June 7. And the supporters have instantly started ordering a set for the film.

Will You Have A Sequel?

Based on a novel titled ‘365 DNI’ by Blanka Lipińska. He is also the screenplay writer of the network switch. The movie is just development. Of the beginning of three books followed by Ten dzień and Kolejne 365 DNI.

Opportunities for a series are very high. As the storyline is based on a trilogy of novels. After 356 Days (the movie), Laura befalls in love with Massimo finally. But she later displays 1 of the main points. Of Massimo’s opponent mafia that drafts intend to stop her.

The film concludes with a large cliffhanger. And great orgasm as Laura opens a hole. And a police car is observed placed outside the tube. Several supporters have instantly thought. That Laura might not hold been ready to get it out of the tunnel.

If a series is published, it will be based on the next part of the trilogy. ‘Ten dzień’ and it will reportedly support the tale of Massimo. saving Laura of his opposing Mafia.


  • Michele Morrone being Massimo
  • Magdalena Lamparska being Olga Natasza,
  • Anna Maria Sieklucka being Laura
  • Otar Saralidze being Domenico,
  • Bronislaw Wroclawski being Mario
  • Urbańska being Anna


365 Days’ first part was published on Netflix now. And the series will usually be expected to appear on the alike platform.


The plan of the sequel portion could be much related to the Fifty Shades of Grey. First asking for fun and then becoming grave for love. A Marriage could be on the boards in the following section. As the plan means for it recently.

But we can’t tell anything about the plot. The man who is doing a pen could turn things from nowhere. Till then run the first section of the flick on Netflix.


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