13 Reasons Why: What Happened To Clay Jensen At The End

13 Reasons Why: What Happened To Clay Jensen

After four terms of 13 Reasons Why and a lot of controversies. Netflix set 13 Reasons Why has come to a finish. The show’s last season left on Friday. Winding up several character arches. And showing what displays of the large schoolers. As they plan to move on to the following stage of their lives.

At no time in the series, ere the last chapter. It is the chance of Justin having HIV or AIDS always presented. He was an IV medication user. When he existed on the roads, he also had sex with guys for money.

Like with previous seasons, some highlights of the latest parts. That has been met with a reaction from observers. In special how Justin Foley’s storyline ends. But how satisfied we move people in the end?

What happens in 13 Reasons Why season 4?

Following a strike first in the season by the whole school. Prom is removed. However, many of the roles start-up to their parents. To take them off their positions. Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) stating that. He was the one after any severe school vandalism. Justin (Brandon Flynn) says his origins that he has fallen. Charlie St. George (Tyler Barnhardt) gets out as bisexual to his father. And Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) shows that he is the one seeing Charlie.

With prom finally left to go forward. Alex and Charlie have established prom kings in the evening. And people begin to take a real turn. However, disaster hits when Justin gives.

In the sequence finale, it is reported that Justin has AIDS. With his medication usage and adultery. While he was wandering apparently according to his analysis. He gets pneumonia and meningitis. And later telling goodbye to his friends. And Jessica declaring her love for him, Justin expires.

How does Justin’s death affect others?

Clay experiences failure as a consequence of Justin’s death. And goes to the police station where he insists he has a gun. Though he does speak down by Sheriff Diaz (Benito Martinez). He next talks to his therapist that he needed someone to understand his distress. And states home to see Hannah Baker’s lines. That has moved sent to him by her mom. Diaz, while, chooses to close the inquiry into Bryce Walker’s death. (the character’s future was the topic of much of term three).

Meanwhile, Alex admits to ex Winston Williams. That he was the one who shot Bryce. Though Winston decides not to tell the fact as he yet loves Alex.

The elders all finish with Clay cast as the speaker. And at the convention, he consults a vision of Hannah for the last time. Later, Hannah’s tapes are all occupied by its problems. The group finally choosing to be there for one another. Jessica also marks a revelation of Bryce for the last time.

Clay next sees Justin’s college acceptance essay. There he admits he thought Clay a brother. And the one positive impact in his life. The set then winds up with Clay choosing to resume therapy. Before preparing his goods for Brown University. And forgetting town to support Tony Padilla. Plan for summer college classes.


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